Who is Jane Timm Baxter?

Here is Jane's most recent response to the obligatory "Author Bio" as required by many sites:

The true infant Jane was replaced with a mischievous, occasionally malevolent, fey changeling in 1976, who grew up contemplating how she could use her powers without divulging her true nature. In 1995, she tricked human James Baxter into marrying her, and then meticulously began to write down the chronicles of her ancestors. Disguising her writings as fiction, the creature known as Jane Timm Baxter finally achieved her goal of infiltrating the world of publishing when she decided to publish and market her work in e-book format. Currently, she is continuing to encode secret messages to her kin in the form of "novels," and believes that world domination is just a few more words away.

In her rush to "fit in" among the humans, Baxter unfortunately chose a human vessel that is less than efficient in the realm of health. Having not expected such an ongoing battle with her vessel, Baxter is currently limited in the time and energy she can apply toward her goal of world domination through art and writing. To aid her in her schemes, she employs the mischievous help of "The Chi-Baxter Pack" four fairy spirits inhabiting the tiny bodies of canis familiaris chihuahuas. At this time, nothing else may be revealed concerning the true nature and mission of The Chi-Baxter Pack, under penalty of death.

Those who are familiar only with Jane Timm Baxter in her human disguise, frequently describe her as any and all of the following: interesting, weird, amusing, annoying, Freak, talented, dark, disturbed, sick (as in physically ill,) sick (as in mentally ill) and unique. Whether or not any of these words are accurate descriptions of any part of Baxter remains to be proven except for the Freak part. That part has been enthusiastically admitted.


So... what is it that she does?

Let's make a list as an answer to that question (Jane likes to make lists.)

Jane Timm Baxter:

1. Writes.

     Jane writes poems, song lyrics, short stories, flash fiction, fiction novels (that can best be described as "paranormal" but which are often mislabeled as horror,) journal entries, essays, and occasionally works on her memoirs until she starts crying too much to continue.

2. Makes Jewelry.

     Handmade necklaces and fetish earrings are what she makes the most of, none of which are ever duplicated.

3. Makes Art.

     From Digital Painting to Traditional Painting; from Pure Sculpture from scratch to ReMade Horror Dolls; From Redesigning/Decorating Furniture pieces to Creating Fake Animal Skeletons out of real bones of a variety of animals... Jane makes Art. Out of Anything.

4. Specializes in "OTHER."

     This is to encompass all the other crap Jane does, such as make vlogs, playing with photography (on either side of the lens,) keeping a non-digital journal, going to doctors, having nightmares, taking medications and being sick.