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LATEST NEWS:"Shadows of Dawn" Now Available in Print and on Kindle!

                 Lila Bishop is a clever vampire on a mission. She's also an ever-present thorn in a deadly immortal's side. 

 With her hummingbird sidekick, Whispers, she is determined to hunt down an Ebonadrakry, a fierce creature 
 who also goes by the name of Jean. Problem is, Lila's not only the hunter, but also the hunted. Drunk with power,
 Jean plans to finish her off once and for all. Except they're bonded together, and it turns out Lila isn't the only one stalking Jean 
for vengeance. Vivaya, otherwise known as Viv, is determined to make Jean pay for the gruesome murder of her best friend, Jayden. 
She expects her father, Rurne, to use his powers and cunning to track Jean down. One way or another, Viv is sworn to avenge 
the loss of her friend, and she'll make Jean pay—with or without her father. But she'll need help, and Lila is perfect for the job. 
Except Lila has no idea she's been chosen as bait. 
Part horror and part suspense, Shadows of Dawn seduces readers from the start, entangling them in a dark tale that deftly reveals 
tidbits of the story without fully exposing the underlying secrets until the riveting end. 
By turns dark yet humorous, Jane Timm Baxter's novel delivers artful prose 
and bewitching dialogue while serving up a healthy dose of intrigue through a macabre game of cat-and-mouse.














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